Colder than April
by: W. Dire Wolff - copyright 1998

Evening that creeps in wind
Colder than an April evening
Should be
Words that come from warm lips
And hearts that are younger
Than they could be
Yet, they are spoken with no regret
And without regard of what is
Or what would be.
So that every wind swept evening star
Twinkling down on the city lights
And little lives of busy people
Voices quiet that become bold
In ice and chances
To be free.
If yet there remains no shame
Or stolen promises that cast no blame
Who will know what still remains
Or what became
Of words and love that stay the same
Etched in the moments that still divide
That darkness pouring from waning light
And lover’s hearts holding tight
That find precious comfort in the cold, dark night
Yet still find grace in each morning’s light.

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Copyright © 1996 to 2015 by W. Dire Wolff


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