Sweet Fragrance in the African Night
by: W. Dire Wolff - copyright 1998

You told me of safari
And eating dinner from the tins,
While the restaurant candle light danced in your eyes
Like I imagined the campfire,
Where the lion cubs circled you in darkness
To the sound of silence on dry grassland,
Woven in your travels and adventures
Were the stories of your laughter
And the trails of tears
That fell like the rain on the windshield,
With the city lights and bridge
So far across the bay
That sparkled in your laughter
And shone empty in your anger,
That I might venture to come closer
And dream of laying by your fireside
Watching the flames flicker on your sweater,
Still listening to your stories
Teasing you with my questions
Of your lovers
Of your secrets
And you answer each and every question
While I hang on every word,
Forgetting my darkness
Remembering all my failures
While I travel to your far away stories
Painted in the city streets and rainy darkness,
Where the glass of closed storefronts
Reveals never to be realized treasures
And bits of clues and daydreams
That follow you up the walkway
Where the safety of the castle’s gate swings closed.

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Copyright © 1996 to 2015 by W. Dire Wolff


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