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I have been drawing comics and painting as far back as I remember. I never have considered myself a very good artist. But enough people have encouraged me to continue, and I enjoy the act of creating visual images.

I did a lot of comics about the Grateful Dead in the 1980's. I have been published in magazines such as Relix, High Times, and Unbroken Chain. But my main interest has been small underground publications. Jerry Garcia gave me some encouragement over the years. My favorite work from that period is "Dead Heads in Paradise". I created the comic over a few years while traveling back and forth to Hawaii on surfing adventures. It was my gift to Jerry after coming back to life from his toothache. I'm glad he let me know that he liked it.

For the past three years I have published a small underground comic book called "The Reef". It has been distributed for free in Surf Shops in Santa Cruz, California. It has the surfing saga of "Killer Babe", "Like Dude", and "Woody, Inka Inka, and Paulina". My travels to Japan over the past few years has kinda fragmented my drive on this project, and I am working on some other projects now.



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