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In 2003, Azam Ali released her debut solo album titled, "Portals of Grace". It is a very different type of album that reflects her deep thoughtfulness and musical dedication. Her dedication and talent is the keystone of her musical career.  Azam Ali is one of my favorite singers. I feel that her music brings me a little closer to the gods. She has worked with Greg Ellis to record several albums as the musical duo known as VAS. The music of VAS is tranquil, serene, and very mystical.  

The VAS album I have listened to the most is titled "In The Garden Of Souls".  This album takes the listener on a musical journey of drums, Tibetan bowls, cello, oud, temple bells and the eerily ancient sound of Ali’s haunting voice.   This music defines the thin light of a distant star on an endless night of trance beauty. 

I first saw Azam perform with Mickey Hart's band Bembe Orisha at Wavy Gravy's 65th birthday party. I was impressed by the spiritual depth that Azam was able to project at that show.   She continues to record with VAS, as a solo artist, and with various other artists.

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