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"© 1996 to 2017 by W. Dire Wolff."

This link notice goes for all files contained in the web site Cyber Beat for Hip Geeks - W. Dire Wolff's Web Site which are the intellectual property of the author. I freely allow and encourage anyone who wants to download, print or circulate any of the work which I display on the net, but only in a private non-profit manner. If you want to copy some of the work to your own site, that's okay too. I'd appreciate being told where else on the net my work is appearing. Please display the following on any work copied from this site "© 2017 by W. Dire Wolff" (adjust date as noted on particular file). Please append a © notice to my name, if you wish to borrow, if only to do the legal thing to prevent the work from entering the public domain so far as paper books for profit, or other use, are concerned. Reasonable quotation in print or other non-net media is copasetic. I'm trying, along with many others, to help define and set a precedent for various types of publishing conduct which must eventually be codified. With those statements of qualification, the contents of this netsite is "© 2017 by W. Dire Wolff." Many of the comics, writings, and photos are copyrighted with different dates. Anything on these pages not written by me is noted to the best of knowledge.



Copyright © 1996 to 2017 by W. Dire Wolff

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