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Suzy Q! Phil Sing!


This a cartoon drawing of some Deadheads at the Greek Theater. They lead there own private little, "Let Phil Sing" Champaign. In the early years of the Dead, Phil Lesh sang vocals on a regular basis. Along the way, he grew tired of singing and wanted to concentrate more on his bass guitar playing. Rumors were started that he had a throat problem that prevented him from singing. Finally in the 1980's, Phil began to sing again. Deadheads encouraged Phil to sing by yelling and displaying banners, "Let Phil Sing!". The Deadheads in this drawing had their own slogan, "Suzy Q! Phil sing!" They thought it would be cool if the Grateful Dead sang the classic Rock n' Roll song "Suzy Q" with Phil singing. In recent times, Phil is perfroming solo as "Phil Lesh and Friends" and singing lead on many of the old favorite Dead tunes.

In addition, this cartoon drawing depicts the Deadhead pranksters known as the "Wahoo! 5's" yelling their signature catcalls.

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