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a little tongue in cheek political satire... (note: main text from 2009)

Our Parents are the people they warned us about…
You can trust a Republican, to be a Republican

When Khrushchev on October 12, 1960 beat his shoe at the United Nations, it was said he declared blue jeans and rock n’ roll would lead to the take over of America by the Red Party. I was told that wearing blue jeans and listening to music, would cause America to fall to Communism. The adults, authority figures, parents, whatever you want to call them, gave me some basic guidelines to identify the Red menace

How to identify the Red Party's control over a country:

The Red Party motto, "The end justifies the means."
The Red Party may pretend to believe in elections, but they rig the elections.
Communists throws political prisoners into prison, without a fair trial.
The Red Party does not believe in freedom of religion.
Communists restrict travel inside the country, through roadblocks and requiring Identification papers to be carried at all times.
The Red Party tortures their prisoners.
Communists perform wire taps and surveillance on citizens, journalists, etc. that do not agree with the party.
The Red Party control media such as newspapers and television, requiring government propaganda to be shown instead of real news.
A few controlling members of Red Party live a life of wealth and luxury, while the workers live in poverty.
Communists attack and occupy other countries, without being attacked first.

During the United States Election night of 2000, I was surprised to notice the Republican Party was referred to as the “Red Party”. I remember watching the news show. They placed Red Markers on the states that the Republican Party won, and blue markers on the states won by the Democratic Party. That night I remember thinking about the above reasons I was taught to fear the Red Party, and here they were flaunting themselves as the Republican Party. Ironically, I watched as the Republicans were able to rig a United States Presidential election. An election, which was in truth won by the Democratic Party, was awarded to the Republican Party by Supreme Court Justices, who had been appointed by the Red Party. Despite widespread corruption and election fraud in Florida by the Red Party, the Democrats would still have won the 2000 Presidential election by 171 votes, if the votes had been counted instead of intervention by the Republican Party’s Supreme Court Justices. I never knew that a United States Presidential election could be rigged, but they showed the whole thing on the Cable News, and was reported one year later by media such as the Washington Post and the New York Times. This was the first warning sign that the Red Party was in control of America.

After letting down America’s guard, the Republicans allowed the worst attack in United States history to happen on September 11, 2001. According to 9/11 Commission Report, Donald Rumsfeld changed a 50 year old policy In June 2001, relating to airplane emergencies, stating that any response to a hijacked aircraft would have to be cleared through his office. This change in procedure allowed for the success of the attacks on September 11, 2001. The Red Party was quick to pat each other on the back, and exalt themselves to hero status. This was quickly followed by demanding all US citizens give up the basic rights afforded them by the US Constitution. They drafted a document abolishing freedom, which they entitled the “Patriot Act”. They then began performing illegal wire taps and surveillance on citizens, intellectuals, pacifists, journalists, etc. and anyone that did not agree with the party. In addition the Republicans used the 9/11 attacks as an excuse to throw political prisoners into prison, without a fair trial, and torture prisoners. It was like they were reading an anti-Communist propaganda manual from my childhood, and now it was the playbook for the Republican Party.

The Republicans started two major wars to advance their Capitalistic and Fascist Ideology. (Fascism by this definition is a Police State that is run by Corporations.) The Red Party awarded no-bid contracts for Military Services to Companies, who would share their profits with Republican Leaders. In particular, the Red Party’s Vice President’s company, Halliburton, received billons of dollars in no-bid contracts. These wars also served to funnel the wealth of the United States Treasury, to the Red Party in Communist China. The Republican Party borrows billions of dollars from their Red Party partners in China, and awards them the handsome interest payments associated with these loans.

While Republicans claim to be “Fiscal Conservatives”, they in truth encourage Deficits in Federal Spending. The elimination of the Surplus in the United States Treasury, was a stated goal of the Republicans in 2001. This is done to provide the interest income to their sponsors. In 2001, the Red party created a $38 billion deficit by giving away tax refunds to eliminate the $128 billion Surplus in the United States Treasury. By the end of fiscal year 2008, the Red Party had created a record 1.8 trillion dollar deficit. Besides providing interest income to their sponsors, the deficit also provides the Red Party an excuse to cut spending in Regulation of Pollution, Decrease Food Safety, Eliminate Public Education, Reduce availability of Health care, and cancel Social Welfare programs. Furthermore the deficit is a guise to steal Retirement benefits that have been paid for by the working class, and redistribute the wealth to the Multi-National Corporate sponsors of the Republican Party.

The Red Party wars were waged against what were considered basically defenseless countries, where the United States could quickly subdue the population with overwhelming firepower. In the case of Iraq, completely false claims of “Weapons of Mass Destruction” were used as an excuse to attack what was assumed to be a basically defenseless country. Creating record deficits through war profiteering in America and funneling the money to the Red Party in China, through phony claims of “Weapons of Mass Destruction” was the hallmark of the Republican Regime that reigned from 2001 – 2008. Under the guise of National Security, America’s Red Party created a worldwide network of false imprisonment and torture. This was coupled by a crackdown to restrict travel inside the United States, through intrusive airport security, roadblocks, and an effort requiring Identification papers to be carried at all times. In addition, the Republican Party used these wars to restrict freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and subdue intellectuals and freethinkers in America. All of this is summarized in Red Party motto, "The end justifies the means," or in this case “The threat of Terrorism justifies the means” For the threat of terrorism is so scary to the Red Party, that America must abandon its values and Constitutional Rights.

The Supreme Court appointed Republican Party Vice President was an advocate of Censorship of the Press. News media that dared to question the supreme and faultless authority of the Red Party were subject to illegal surveillance and harassment by various government agencies. The Red Party attempted to control media such as newspapers and television, requiring government propaganda to be shown instead of real news. The FOX News channel has become the propaganda arm of the Red Party in America, and provides misinformation to advance their ideology. This has been verified by independent research; people who watch FOX News are more misinformed than viewers of non-Red Party controlled Media Outlets.

The most devastating blow to America is the Republican Party’s assault on the middle class, accomplished by the so-called “Bush Tax Cuts”. The “Bush Tax Cuts” are a series of tax loopholes designed to send America jobs overseas and award Corporate Welfare to the wealthiest of multi-national Corporations. A company which makes 10 Billion Dollars in profits pays no tax and instead receives a negative income tax, meaning the Government gives them money. The lower income taxpayers must pay for the Government Hand-out given to those wealthier than them. Of course there isn’t enough money being raised by taxing the poor, so more money is needed to be borrowed by their Red Party partners in China. The “Bush Tax Cuts” are the reverse of the Robin Hood creed. The Red Party views the “Sheriff of Nottingham” as the hero of the Robin Hood story. Huge tax deductions are awarded to companies that out-source technology and manufacturing jobs overseas, and these hand-outs are paid for by the Americans placed in unemployment and under employment by the loopholes and Corporate Welfare Handouts of the so-called “Bush Tax Cuts”. .

"If you're a millionaire, under the Bush tax cut you get a $46,000 tax cut, more than enough to pay for this Lexus, But if you're a typical working person, you get $227. And that's enough to pay for this muffler." Sen. Tom Daschle - Feb. 8, 2001.

Once the Republican Party touted slogans such as, “Be American, Buy American” This has given way to encouraging companies to send American jobs overseas by offering grand tax incentives to their multi-national corporate sponsors. Technology executives have noted that after the Bush Tax Cuts of 2003, it was no longer feasible to use American programmers. The same can be said of jobs in the manufacturing sectors.

After the apparent success of the “Bush Tax Cuts” of increasing the number of unemployed people in the Untied States. The Red Party pushed forward with their assault on the middle class, by attacking Unions and eliminating Child Labor Laws. This was done in part to eliminate public education and dumb down Americans. The Republican Party paints education and teachers as enemies of party ideology. Only by cutting spending on Education can the Red Party create a new generation of people, who are gullible and uneducated enough to believe their propaganda and misinformation. Finally by taking away the pay and benefits of Police, Firefighters, Teachers, etc., the Red Party can continue to decrease the average salary of the American worker. The final obstacle left in their way is getting rid of the minimum wage. Then they can create a slave class that has no other option than to serve the ruling party of Multi-National Corporations. A police state run by Red Party Corporations appears to be the current agenda of Republican Party.

Further extension of the Fascist Red state is done under the guise of Immigration Reform. The proliferation of “Papers Please” legislation is pouring out of Red Party legislatures. Requiring citizens to carry Identification papers and prove their legal right to exist is another key goal of the Red Party. Whether unwarranted/illegal searches are done under the fear of Terrorism, Marijuana Smoking, or Immigration; the Constitution of the Untried States is compromised. The Republican party promotes legislation that restricts travel inside the country, through roadblocks and requiring Identification papers to be carried at all times.

Red Party Leaders in America, say they must give large amounts of taxpayers money to their corporate sponsors. The Republican Party says that if they do not give their Corporations large amounts of hand-outs in tax loopholes, these companies will move to other countries. I believe that American Patriotism should not need to be purchased. If someone demands a government hand-out or else they will leave the country. I say, “Let them leave.” If a person or corporation’s sense of American Patriotism is based on their desire to receive Red Party Corporate Welfare, I say, “Let them leave.” Can we even call them Americans? Let them move to whatever country offers them bigger hand-outs. American Patriotism is not a commodity that the Red Party should purchase from their sponsors.

Republican Party leaders sign pledges of allegiance to their corporate sponsors. These pledges are where their first loyalty is purported to be. They will not remove tax loopholes or allow social changes without the permission of their sponsors. Most of the Republican Party leadership has pledged their first allegiance to Grover Norquist and his group, “Americans for Tax Reform”. "Cut, Cap and Balance" is a pledge sponsored by the group “FreedomWorks”, and their billionaire leaders David and Charles Koch. The Koch brothers also insist their candidates (if elected) attend two days of propaganda training on their “Lean Six Sigma” financial system, to be used to control the American economy. Other pledges signed by the Republican Party leadership promise to oppress women, prevent sexual freedom, oppress racial minorities, and attack religious minorities. Failure to uphold their allegiance to their corporate sponsors, results in the sponsors removing the campaign contributions needed to purchase their government offices. The Republican Party pledges itself to their corporate sponsors first, and their oath of office in the United States government is secondary. This allegiance to their corporate sponsors undermines democracy and creates a Fascist state. (Fascism by this definition is a Police State that is run by Corporations.)

When Khrushchev on October 12, 1960 beat his shoe at the United Nations, it was said he declared blue jeans and rock n’ roll would lead to the take over of America by the Red Party. History will show that “The Beatles” brought down the Soviet Union. But the Republican Party of the so-called conservatives, didn’t need anything but greed to become America’s Arm of the Red Party.



Copyright © 1996 to 2018 by W. Dire Wolff

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