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Reef Comics

By: W. Dire Wolff

Copyright © 1996, 1997, 1998 W. Dire Wolff

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The Reef started out as a comic series titled "The Reef - The New Beyond". It was a rather abstract view of surfing, snow skiing, and other sports. I was trying to capture the excitement and humor of fast action sports. It was a little too existential for most people to understand. After I had developed the idea of "The Reef" over a couple years, the comic strip evolved into "Deadheads in Paradise". I worked on "Deadheads in Paradise" over a two year period while traveling back and forth to Hawaii. During this same time period, Jerry Garcia was traveling back and forth to Hawaii on snorkeling trips. Our paths never crossed there, but a great deal of senergy existed for the project.

"Deadheads in Paradise" was my only cartoon that has ever reached a conclusion. After that, I had a great deal of abstract ideas I was working on over a three year period. At the urging of Blake, I started to piece these ideas into a couple of story lines. The main story line was based on a fun loving woman surfer that I ran into a few times at Pleasure Point. The other story line was based on Lady Kier of the band Deee-Lite, working on her computer to create a virtual reality club, "Industrial Club". The small photocopied books contained comics and abstract prose. Over the next couple of years the complete series will be published here on the net.

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