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This Web Site was created as some mutant experiment by W. Dire Wolff. It has transgressed from that, into it's present state. The web is a moving target.

This site www.wdirewolff.com publishes music, cartoons, writing, photographs, and Flash presentations. It is planned that the web site will continue to have the content and layout updated on a somewhat regular basis.

I started trying to make something out of DAMOON.NET. My friend said; "Hey Wolff, you should make your e-mail address howl@damoon." So off I went to register the domain damoon.net. The domain started around an e-mail address and slowly the rest of the site has been evolving out of that. Now the email is useless due to it's having been overrun by spam.

This web site design has been formatted using Macromedia's (now Adobe) Dreamweaver Visual Web Editor. Many of the graphics have been created and formatted using Macromedia's Fireworks graphics tool. Adobe Photoshop and Painter 5 have also been used to create and enhance graphics. The initial design of the Web Site was undertaken using Microsoft's Front Page. In some early revisions Adobe Page Mill was used to design the Web Pages. Through trial and error, Macromedia's products have been chosen as the development tools of choice for the development of this web site. I have been working with Dreamweaver templates using Library items. When used in conjunction with Dreamweaver's site management tools large web sites can be modified quickly. Animated and interactive Shockwave presentations can be accessed from this web site. Links have have been created to some great Shockwave games from other sites. Shockwave movies are also featured to enhance the web site's visitors experience. The Shockwave games and movies have been created using Macromedia's Flash and Director development tools.

Here is one of the first web pages and animation I made in 1996.   This was before Flash and Fireworks and making animated gifs was a lot of work.  It seems pretty silly now.  http://www.wdirewolff.com/surftn01.htm

Thanks for visiting this web site.

W. Dire Wolff


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