I Think of You
by: W. Dire Wolff 1997

I think of you
You know I always ...stop
And think about you.

And it’s true
There’s no need for me
To think of how life would be
Without you.

Because, you’re by my side
I hold you as you sigh
And say you love me.

Don’t wait for me
Lay your head back down for dreaming
For I’ll be there
Before the morning light comes beaming.

Don’t worry about me
You’re the one I’ll always come back home to,
I won’t worry about you
Because I’m the only one
Who’s going to sleep beside you.

Embrace me now
Hold me in your arms like there’s no tomorrow
Close your eyes
And rest your weary head upon my pillow
I’m here with you
Tell me if there’s anything for wanting
You’re here with me
And I can feel so much of you inside me.

I think of you...


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Copyright © 1996 to 2015 by W. Dire Wolff


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