by: W. Dire Wolff 1997

I waited for you
As if someday you might come
To find me
Waiting here for you
From the window I hear
Kona surf pound lava black
Waiting here for you
As the wind blows
The curtains flow
From black night of stars
And the torches on the lanai
Flicker as I might imagine
Your eyes that flicker
And whisper unspoken
Words and never to be promises
That flow from my heart
That flow from your heart
Like the lava
Burning in red molten steam
Rising from the surf
In mystery
And waiting
And our wanting
What is tomorrow?
But our dreams that vanish
Into reality and fantasy
That grips us in tender hands
And holds us like tomorrow will never come.
What is tomorrow?
If not the words we say in morning
After the rise and fall
In restless glory and unknown domains
That brought us here together in night and fantasy.

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Copyright © 1996 to 2015 by W. Dire Wolff


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