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Writing Index by: W. Dire Wolff :

Poems, songs and twisted words
Gonzo Journals, Prose, and other stuff
Home on the Range
Buffalo Daughter
- Japanese Music Review
Namie Amuro - Princess of J-Pop
Cibo Matto o Kudasai - Japanese Music Review
Kyoko Date - Rise and Fall of a Virtual Idol
Japan Snow Sports
Lake Tahoe Snowsports

When the goin' gets weird
The Weird turn Pro
Dr. Hunter S. Thompson

This pages contains written works and various writing by W. Dire Wolff.

Poems, songs, and twisted words

Lyrics can be found at W. Dire Wolff music site

Sweet Fragrance in the African Night
I Think of You
Black and Red
Colder than April
Love Will Not Whisper
More Scribbles
Kyoko's Catnap
Summer Sun Burning in the Valley
The French Horn
Every Simple Little Thing
A Thousand Branches
Black and Gray
The Message Pads
Only Hollow
Not to Remember
My Mona Lisa
The Only One
About a Ladder
Suite Streetwalker

Gonzo Journals, Prose, and stuff

The Reef - A Gonzo Journal entry from 1994
The Reef - A Gonzo Journal entry from 1995
The Reef - A Gonzo Journal entry from August 1995
The Reef - A couple of Gonzo Journal entries from 1996
Closing Time - Gonzo Journal from 1997
The Reef - A Gonzo Journal entry from 11/98
The Reef - A Gonzo Journal entry from 1/99




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